Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Not sure if today’s found y word would be appealing were it not followed by clean (laying a serviceable rhyme corridor), but especially in light of Barack Obama’s vetting of potential employees, and also in light of ongoing marvels at the number of telephone conversations people hold in public—conversations that we once went home or to the office to have (Remember the winning phrase “Call you when I get home”?), it stands out.

From the article “What Was Privacy?,” by one Lew McCreary, in the October 2008 issue of Harvard Business Review. One of the best points in the article, about ARPAnet, appears in the timeline sidebar. Below is from the body of the piece.

“ ‘We’re so used to accepting a squeaky-clean, self-constructed résumé as a representation of a person, but that has little resemblance to the flawed, messy selves that we all in fact are.’ . . .”

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