Thursday, December 4, 2008


Higgledy-piggledy, of the silent d, doesn't crop up so often anymore, but there it was in Adam Begley’s appraisal of Florence, in the New York Times Travel section on November 30.

Isn’t is nice to read a long sentence? Certainly it’s nice for me. This excerpt below is about being a walker in the city. (The cedilla is mine.)

“If you can visit one church and one museum before lunch and one more church or another museum after lunch (whatever you do, don’t miss the wealth of paintings piled higgledy-piggledy in the Palatine Gallery of the Palazzo Pitti), and then take a nap (Tuscan wine is cheap and abundant), and then stroll to dinner, perhaps along the Via de’ Tornabuoni, under the looming, illuminated façades of great, stern palazzos, and stroll some more after dinner when the crowds have thinned and Florence seems gentler and the multicolor Duomo seems less garish but just as huge and astonishing—you’ll find that after a few days of this routine, all your complaints will be forgotten, replaced with amazement and gratitude.”

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