Sunday, March 22, 2009


Spoken in a line--something like, "Let's get subtexty," although one would have to see the play, (and should anyway--I recommend)--in Sheila Callaghan's "That Pretty Pretty; or, The Rape Play," down at the Rattlestick Playwrights Theater (which, by the way, has comfortable red velvet seats). Tonight I ushered there.

[Spoiler alert] One of the best lines is delivered by a man who informs a woman that his rape of her is now concluded. It was hilarious, and it wasn't until afterwards, out on the sidewalk, that I thought of Philip Gourevitch's book. I imagine that anybody with a sense of humor who's ever been raped by surprise will find that line funny. You have to see it in context, though.

Runner-up of the day is "unhokily," from Christine Muhlke's article about Corsica, in the Times' spring travel supplement.

My search for la vraie cuisine corse -- more beans, fewer whistles -- also took me to a pair of epicurean temples on opposite ends of the 114-mile-long island that unhokily showcase peasant food.

It's quite nice to yearn for Corsica. It sounds like a mercurial island--my kind of place.

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