Tuesday, July 7, 2009


This post has nothing whatsoever to do with how "the advent of sabdanusasana . . . in the Vedic era was motivated by the then caste-system as all the grammarians tried to protect an engineered language (Sanskrit) by deploying fragmented rules so that that protected language would not be contaminated by the language of lower caste." For that you'll have to surf over to http://www.rishiindia.com/debaprasad.html. He also has written, apparently, about linguistic terrorism--but please know that I have read nothing more than an abstract of a paper.

What this post pertains to is the word crotchety, which seems to suggest the needle art involving a hooked needle but might also suggest the fact of the two quavers (eighth notes) that make a quarter note (or crotchet) or the fact of a crook, which "in the old harp-action is a crotchet engaging a string and raising its pitch by a semitone" or even the square brackets [ ], but in my mind today means, approximately, crank-like.

Don Draper is not crotchety.

Once upon a time the word was spelled crotchetty.

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