Tuesday, July 14, 2009


From the dining scene in "North by Northwest":

R.O.T.: Recommend anything?
Ms. Kendall: The brook trout.* Little trouty, but it's quite good.
R.O.T.: Sold. Brook trout.

* She really puts the out in trout here by wavering a little, pulling the ow through a little hoop. It's a nice little verbal lagniappe. Eva Marie Saint is enacting a version of Hollywood Studio Speak. For reasons unknown it brings to mind the way Dylan sings what sounds like "I will always be . . . hee 'motionally yours" toward the end of (one version) of that song (his bee-hee to her trou-out). It sounds as if he's taking a breath mid-word. Regardless, why can't movies look like that anymore? Nobody does real kiss scenes in movies any more. I think the last real one I saw was in a Claire Denis film.

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