Tuesday, December 29, 2009


A late newcomer to the 2009 finalists, this is from a June 1, 2009, article/post, "All talk: My Dinner with André and the art of filming conversation," in a film magazine called thebigpicture:

Static and waffly, then.

The author, Nick Riddle, has just been discussing My Dinner with André action figures.

My Dinner with André is one of my favorite movies. I place André Gregory in the same group as Peter Matthiessen. Wally Shawn's performance in this movie is as wonderful as his performance in The Princess Bride, and, to me, there are bits that link up.

Meanwhile, waffly. What can I say? It can be mispronounced on contact (bringing to mind Václav Havel), taken for the brand name of a product, and is adorable in an uncutesy way. It's a little like Wally Shawn in word form.

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