Friday, February 5, 2010


A good word, if a little on the British side.

From the summary of Pelleas and Melisande in Opera Guyed, by Newman Levy:

The maiden started with a cry,
Exclaiming "Pray don't harm me."
Said Golo "Be my bride, for I
Am also slightly barmy.
I think you'll like my folks. In fact
My whole damned family is cracked.

I have not been to the opera lately. It's comforting to see people stretch out, lay the trench coat, and nap to great music. The first time I fell asleep (well, probably the only time I fell asleep) at the Philharmonic, I was sitting next to the composer. My friend told me that it was a compliment. I think she was being kind.

A few years ago I saw Romeo and Juliet at The Met. Instead of the classic ending, Rome and Jules were both alive (if entombed), and were able to kiss one last time. To me, this was a much sadder ending. When I was younger and catching bouquets at friends' weddings, I often used to marvel at how mating for life meant accepting the possibility that my mate might die first--and then I would have to live in a world without him.

This brings to mind Sarah Ruhl's spin on Orpheus and Eurydice.

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