Monday, February 8, 2010


What a pretty word.

From a January 1, 2010 article, "Gundalow Company gets $30K grant," on

The Piscataqua watershed encompasses a 120-square-mile area from York, Maine, in the north, down each riverway and water basin that leads to the Piscataqua coast: York River and Brave Boat Harbor, the Squamscott, Lamprey, and Oyster rivers, the Bellamy, Cocheco and Salmon Falls rivers, Great Bay, Little Bay and the Piscataqua River, to Rye and the Hamptons in the south.

I spent several minutes yesterday and today attempting to say the word Piscataqua (not really close enough to Chappaqua) correctly. If the q were a c--if things were a little more Italian (of course, I'd still be mispronouncing the word, but after an auditory turn with cua, I would take a visual one)--the word would announce itself, but the q makes me want to insert an invisible w before it, and then the whole thing slides into the water. America (New York? I? My unborn children?) could certainly use a little more Italian.

(P.S. Where is the most beautiful wisteria in Italy?)

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