Friday, February 12, 2010


From the friendly neighborhood D'Agostino delivery man this evening, in response to my telling him where to set the bags:

"Surely, surely."

Is it just me, or does hearing this word make anybody else think of the movie "Airplane"? I find it quite difficult not to think of the movie--although I don't then fall into the whole thing, the way Willy Wonka tumbles into his flashbacks in Tim Burton's rendition. I don't end up replaying the red zone and white zone bit (my favorite at the time) or the jive talk subtitles or the generally annoying man's description of a plane as "a big Tylenol."

Very few people use this word these days.

In other news, for every French word or expression I forget, I remember two in Italian. I cannot explain this. Surely somebody else cannot as well.

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