Thursday, March 25, 2010


One might think that such a word would be cited from an article about zaftig women in the films of Charlie Chaplin, but today it is taken from a partial quotation from the 13 March 2010 issue of The Tablet magazine. The speaker is Nick Chavasse, director of tourism and events at Coventry Cathedral. His words are occasioned by the opening of an exhibition focussing on John Lennon's "bed in" for peace, in Montreal, in 1969. "He" is Lennon.

"He wasn't the sort of peacenik, anti-religious hippy some have suggested."

I am surprised The Tablet stylebook goes with hippy and not hippie. For a British publication, especially, bizarro to me.

In Lennon's December 1970 interview with Jan Wenner, he says that Day Tripper was "a drug song" because "it was a day tripper. I just liked the word."

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