Monday, March 15, 2010


From a recipe for Vyannd ryal (perhaps made for Henry VI), in the 1791 (Googled) book of 15th century recipes Antiquitates culinariae, by Richard Warner:

Take wyne greke, other (or) rynyfshe wyne, and hony, clarified therewith.

This is from the day when sugar appeared as fugar.

I am nearing the end "The Tudors." They served a blackbird pie (or a kind of bird pie) earlier on, when Henry was still in lust with Anne Boleyn. Things have not been going so well. Michael Hirst has made it clear how impoverished--mentally, spiritually, emotionally--the king is without Thomas More. As portraits of power dynamics go, this show is clear as a board game. Each character might as well be wearing a sandwich board saying what he or she wants and who is in the way.

Nobody on this show uses "Honey" as a term of endearment.

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