Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Has anybody noticed what a y-fest the Murray's cheese book is? Horsey, leathery, buttery, slurpy, cakey, bloomy, grapey, truffly, bacony, gamy, barny , barnyardy? At a certain point, it threatens to short out my Adjectives Meter (could somebody please dance a little Bernard Berenson or Joan Didion through this hall?).

From the description of Pecorino Toscano:
Aged for six to twelve months, with a sheepy, nutty, olivey edge and a slight degree of sharpness that can come only with age, it has less of a briny sting than pecorinos from other locales.

Be that as it may, sheepy is winning and has little in common with creepy. Sheepy is puffy; creepy is more semantic.

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