Tuesday, July 27, 2010


From Nigel Slater's June 6, 2010 column originally published in The Observer (on Sunday) magazine:

I made a little rabbit dish this weekend, wild British bunny from the supermarket cut into neat portions, its pale, lean meat browned lightly in hot butter then cooked slowly with tarragon, as you might a young chicken.

It seems to me that the phrase "wild British bunny" could be pressed into service any number of ways. I think John Lithgow would put a good spin on it, with the right line.

Meanwhile, the Brits (and, apparently, Catalans) are much more comfortable eating rabbit than are Americans. What kind of supermarket, though, is Slater talking about--a Tesco or a shop like David Lidgate's? (Although . . . Lidgate puts rabbit and hare season at August to March.)

Post-post note: I think I wrote about bunny in the past, wondering about the origin of the word.

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