Wednesday, August 4, 2010


People will notice that the above word ends in v. This is because somebody put masking tape over the descender of the y in the sign on the BQ platform at the Dekalb Avenue stop (and imagine the words in Helvetica):

Brighton Beach &
Conev Island
via Local

Readers of the material city could read a lot into the missing descender, given the coming makeover of Coney Island. I know some who will miss the freaky circus shows. When I wrote about food for Metro, I went out to see about the hot dogs in the little ballpark. Don't remember the food but it was appealingly weird to see a ball game with the sea in the distance. I didn't ride the Cyclone that time. Once (years ago) was enough. Comparing Space Mountain and the Cyclone (on the National Register of Historic Places) is a comparison worth making.

Childs is going to reopen on the Boardwalk. Should be interesting to see how that works out.

I think it would be just as well to figure out how to make the Parachute Jump work again. That's a ride I would take.

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