Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Not from the OED but "The Summer Man", Sunday night's episode of "Mad Men".

Stan: Peggy Olson, pioneering the science of wet blanketry.

This coinage shows off Stan's way with words and his relatively restrained demeanor, or what passes for it at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. Maybe in a future episode he'll discover the concept of Vagina dentata. Then he can draw a picture.

Meanwhile, does Joan's proto-feminism qualify as misogyny?

Housekeeping matters:
1. I'm skeptical that Peggy's family owned a television when she was a child ("The Suitcase").
2. The exterior shot of the street outside the Barbizon Hotel is all wrong ("The Summer Man").
3. The (I'm guessing) melamine mixing bowl Francine nests inside the Pyrex one looks fake. Is that rim really an early-1960s one? And those specks look very large. ("The Summer Man")
4. Swimmers at the New York Athletic Club are more likely than not to be executing flip turns ("The Summer Man").

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