Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Few Americans use this word, no?

Tonight I spoke with a man in (so he said) Canada. He did not mention anything about its boreal forest or its songbirds.

The man was helping me to purchase a new mobile telephone. Somewhere along the way, he dropped the phrase

expiry date

. I was sorry an iPhone does not come with the plan I purchased. However, my phone-to-be happens to have an SAR rating that surpasses the iPhone's by a mile. I figure if I run across a child who wants to use my phone, I can hand it over and worry not.

Meanwhile, the harvest (or singing) moon is almost upon us. About 24 more hours and then: amplitude. At the risk of sounding Verlyn Klinkenborgian, I wonder: When the autumnal equinox kisses the world hello, what expires upon its lips?

(In the morning, how will I feel about this last sentence? My guess: wretchedly.)

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