Saturday, October 9, 2010


From my friend Steve Cuiffo's email, in response to my e-telling him how exciting it is that he'll be performing his "Lenny Bruce at Carnegie Hall", viz.,

EM: Very exciting! It's nice you're so obsessed.
SC: Totallly!

He's even correspondentially obsessed. Note how the y throws the triplicity of the ls into greater relief.

I haven't seen Steve channel Lenny Bruce since 2008. He told me then that he wanted to take Lenny to college campuses.

Maybe there will be one person at the end of the show who does not immediately turn to the mobile phone but walks away, self-possessed, maybe conversing or maybe silent, maybe letting something settle down or bubble up, the way people did before decamping the veldt for the telecommunication industry's unstrung maze. (Personally speaking, I prefer a phone booth to be a few feet square--not the size of the planet.)

If Bruce were alive today, would he even own a mobile phone? Would he deploy it as a microphone and do ambulatory street shows? What will Steve channel when the ringtone in Box 25 begins to play "I Made It Through the Rain"?

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Elizabeth Manus said...

Please know that Mr. Cuiffo's act will not be performed at Carnegie Hall but St. Ann's Warehouse.