Sunday, October 17, 2010


Apropos of my next blog--it's likely this one will go dark on December 31 (why? because.)--the newest country to visit this site is "Unknown--Satellite provider". I can't say that I'm sanguine being visited by a newest country that is a satellite provider.

Back to the y word.

From Joan Richter's challah class at the JCC, which I completed on Friday:

It should feel like a baby's tushy.

She was referring to the way the dough should feel at a particular point in the process.

The OED has an entry only for tush, and its first citation reads: "1962 Amer. Speech XXXVII. 205 Another bilingual children's diminutive, tushie from Yiddish toches or tuches ‘rump’has appeared in phrases like tushie slide ‘a slide down a slope on one's bottom’, the delights of which a group of Midwestern Jewish children have, I am told, expressed to their Gentile social workers." Tushy makes an appearance in the next citation, viz., "1969 P. ROTH Portnoy's Complaint 47 You'd think I was a twenty-one-year-old girl; you'd think I hadn't wiped your backside and kissed your little tushy for you all those years."

(Remember when so many of us used to read "The Conversion of the Jews" and and Goodbye, Columbus? . . .)

Dear Joan (I almost wanted to write, not exactly the way Herzog wrote),

It was funny having hand in dough and hearing you refer to a baby's tushy. Personally I don't know that I would tell a baby or a young tiny that his or her bottom is called a tushy, but, then, I don't know what I would say until I saw his or her bottom. It might be a behind. It might be a backside or a hiney. Probably definitely wouldn't be a booty. Certainly would not be an ass or an arse. The name could well change given the small being and the situation at hand. I think it's nice people have different names for it.

Meanwhile, your class was delightful, and I am going to go to Broadway Panhandler for that stirrer (unless Zabar's decides to stock it).

All the best,

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