Tuesday, November 30, 2010


From "Braypins: musical and organological questions", the English translation of "Les harpions – questions organologiques et musicales: quel(s) réglage(s) pour quel usage sur les harpes anciennes aujourd’hui?", by Charles Besnainou and Véronique Musson-Gonneaud. This was a presentation delivered at the fifth Conference on Interdisciplinary Musicology, held last year in Paris.

Then tangent brays are very interesting for the interpretation of music which is now played on the harp, all the more so since the harp is one of the rare medieval instruments which can play down to the Gamma Ut.

It's refreshing to see bray in a context that doesn't feature a donkey.

Tonight on New Sounds, in the middle of the show, before we arrived in Spain, John Schaefer said something like, "the kora is the tinkly harp you heard there."

Were koras plucked in Medieval Africa?

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