Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I've often passed over this one and neglected to look it up.

From "Some Notes on the Stolberg Library," by Hilmar H. Weber, Ph.D., in Harvard Alumni Bulletin of 27 April 1934:

After negotiations and repeated treaties in the course of several centuries, the Kings of Prussia, as Margaraves of Brandenburg, finally established their suzerainty, but not their sovereignty.

When I lived in Boston, I had reading privileges at Harvard's libraries. Every now and then, I would daydream about the Harvard Libraries Vacation: a two-week pass with reading privileges to every one of the university's libraries, from Loeb to the botany archives.

Some know Harvard as the Stanford of the East.

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Anonymous said...

Just make sure to take your readcation in the spring or fall. The Harvard libraries are sweltering in the summer and winter.