Friday, December 24, 2010


From an unbylined New York Mirror article about the anticipated demolition of Carnegie Hall:

HOWEVER, ITS principal tenant, the N.Y. Philharmonic-Sympohny Society, has four months in which to buy the building from the new purchaser, the Glickman Corp., which promised the society all the profits made on the present transaction.

Of all the typographical errors I've passed this year, this one is the sweetest.

At times I've wondered if newspaper editors these days deliberately retain typos in order to draw attention to a sentence or its topic.

I read the Mirror article tonight in the history room at Carnegie Hall. It was among other clippings and was hand-dated 7/25/56. Just before I read it, I was surprised to discover that the three noted "intermission is over" sequence is actually played by a man (tonight anyway) walking around with a xylophone.

Repeat: with a xylophone.

Good thing the Music Hall was not demolished. Apparently the Kaplan Rehearsal Space is slated to be demolished, but I have not confirmed that. My fact-checkers are on holiday.

Goodnight (good morning?) to all five of my readers. I hope one of you is wearing the soft sleeping hat I so covet.

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