Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Not what Lisa Loopner called Todd when she was trying to be flirty but a concoction served last night at Landmark West!'s 25th anniversary party, at the Kaplan Penthouse at Lincoln Center.

It was toddy weather yesterday and is toddy weather again today.

After many sips of the aforementioned beverage, I slipped into the many windowed party room to listen to hear what honoree Tom Wolfe had to say about the state of the city. With a nimbus of snowy gray hair about his head, the author spoke briefly about Mayor Bloomberg.

Mr. Wolfe said that he and his wife like the mayor. He also said, "I don't think he's ever met a developer whose mattress he didn't like."

In his finale, before the benediction, the author said, "Landmark West is saving this city."

Mr. Wolfe said nothing about minor modifications and major modifications or the LPC's budget or air rights or big box stores or pop-up stores or people who buy everything they can online. He did not compare the Upper East and Upper West Sides, nor did he compare segments of the Upper East Side to Shanghai.

Here's a question: Why is so much of the Upper West Side so pretty? Ask Arlene Simon, the woman who was wearing the béret.

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