Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Another charming menu typo, this time from the cocktails list at Falai on Lafayette. Ingredients for the Costline (should this be Coastline?):


Another cocktail is called City of Roses, with rose elixir from Santa Maria Novella. Whoever designed the liqueur bottles probably meant for them to be used afterwards as candle holders or lamp bases.

:: UPDATE :: On second thought, maybe the other cocktail is called Villa of Roses. It was Spanish, French, or Italian (Villa or Ville). Oops. Sorry.

If the cocktail is called City of Roses, I add only this thought: City of Roses would make a nice nickname for the city if Andrew Cuomo yields to patience and reason and bars methane companies from bringing their high-volume slickwater horizontal hydraulic fracturing technology to New York State and its so very good drinking water supply. Let rose bushes (and not toxic chemicals) crowd the governor's office and the halls of Albany if he makes the right decision. Certainly everybody will be able to breathe more easily (not to mention, literally, because who needs L.A. smog hanging around the Southern Tier of New York?) when it comes time to water the plants.

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