Thursday, June 30, 2011


Although the OED's word of the day (today) is shouty, the word that caught my eye is scoopy.

From the list of citations for shouty:

1914 H. Coward Choral Technique & Interpretation 19 There are a great majority of untrained voices, which may be roughly classified as follows:—weak and quavery, worn and tinny, harsh and shrill, strident, metallic, shouty, throaty, cavernous, hooty, scoopy, and nondescript.

Needless to say, I have no idea what scoopy means. When I look it up in the OED, I arrive at

scoopy, adj.

Fashion slang.

Of the neck of a garment: rounded and low-cut. Cf. scoop neck n. at scoop n.2 Compounds, scooped adj. 1b.

1970 Daily Tel. 1 June 13 This summer's dresses are heaven-sent for this event. The voiles are in full swing, the necks are scoopy.

So scoopy and its 1914 meaning appears to be . . . unlisted.

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