Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Tonight I was watching the CUNY TV channel. The Aspen Ideas Festival gave way to jellyfish and oceanographers, then Shanghai (city of ever-widening streets, though not on that program).

Who are CUNY's trustees these days?

One of them, Judah Gribetz, graduated (so says the website; I'd feel better if a New Yorker checker could verify) in 1946 from Boys High School of Brooklyn, of all local places. Were I to pass Mr. Gribetz at a philanthropic world, I would be tempted to ask him why Mount Sinai Medical Center (he's a trustee there, too) must erect so tall a building, it will throw a shadow across Central Park (check with Civitas about this.)

Back to the y path.

There is also a CUNY trustee named Wellington Z. Chen, whose bio states:

He is conversant in several languages, including Chinese (Amoy, Cantonese, Mandarin), and Brazilian-Portuguese. [My italics.]

All those children out there learning Chinese have likely heard of Amoy; I had not. Do they watch Amoy dialect films made in Hong Kong in the 1950s?

Meanwhile, in September, CUNY TV (which has quite a few arts shows) will be airing episodes of "Bouillon de Culture."

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