Friday, November 18, 2011


Towards the end of the Knickerbocker Chamber Orchestra's performance at Poets House on Monday, conductor Fagin suggested guests stop to take a walk around the Emily Dickinson exhibit.

From the closing of Letter 146, Emily Dickinson to Emily Fowler Ford, (December 21?) 1853:

Affy, Emily —

Isn't it curious that Emily Dickinson signed off with this kind of abbreviation? The terminal ys do draw attention to themselves, almost as a couple. The Dickinson dash—well: there it is.

Seeing the letters reminded me that I missed visiting the re-created Dickinson garden at the botanic garden.

The other day, I watched a video of a young Joni Mitchell singing "Urge for Going." I wonder how much Dickinson she read in her early years.

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