Monday, January 16, 2012


From After a Funeral, by Diana Athill.

He also spread whitewash and black paint everywhere, so that I couldn't pick up a teaspoon without getting paint on my fingers, and my carpets were tracked with painty footprints.

Ms Athill is writing about Waguih Ghali, who wrote Beer in the Snooker Club. The novel was so satisfying, it made me look forward to Mr Ghali's next (the dust jacket said another was in the works).

I went on a casual hunt, beginning at the stack at Argosy Books. Nothing. Then the Strand. Nothing. showed me many copies of Beer in the Snooker Club. I thought No no no, he can't possibly have written only one novel. The Spidey sense feeling came over me just before I read a note about how Mr Ghali had committed suicide at age 38.

So, wanting more of his something, I necessarily turned to After a Funeral, since Mr Ghali chose to commit suicide in Diana Athill's apartment. I wondered if in his case it was a mutant proposal of sorts, in the other direction.

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