Thursday, March 8, 2012


A delightful typo in the flawed document that is the Landmarks Preservation Commission's most recent proposed amendment to its Rules, pertaining to storefronts.

From §2 (3) i. E. : Entrances, including doors, recesses and steps, may be modified to accommodate barrier free access, as long as the design intent of the historic storefront is maintained, except that steps or entrys containing cast iron vault lights must not be removed or modified;

Clearly somebody was attached to the terminal y, didn't want to let it go.

The background for the "statement of basis and purpose of proposed rule" reads: "The Landmarks Preservation Commission is proposing amendments to existing rules that will streamline the review process for new storefront infill applications by authorizing staff to approve certain storefront applications. Currently these applications must be reviewed and approved by the Commission Board members. Allowing Commission staff to review and approve these applications will result in a significant reduction in processing time."

Streamline usually means "bypass the public hearing process."

Staff seems as though decisionmaking power could be handed off to just about anybody on staff, with any level of experience or knowledge--whether the receptionist, a staff member fresh from graduate school, or a seasoned staff member who can still remember the Wagner administration.

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