Thursday, March 22, 2012


Some people make their way around the West Village using regular business markers. Three Lives, there, Corner Bistro, there. This is how they get their bearings.

For those who have clocked their whereabouts using World of Video, time is about to run out, as many know, on April 28. The video rental store will be closing, and the stock, from what I understand, will not be purchased from landlady Linda Samuels by the current employees.

Apparently a hardware store itself driven from its location by a rent increase knew that World of Video's lease was coming up and placed a very healthy bid. So now the store with some 30,000 videos, many of them foreign, many of them documentaries, many not even on DVD (see photo), many of them unconventional in other ways, and whose selection suggests the obsessive knowledge of certain kinds of New Yorkers (as a friend of mine says, Isn't one of the best things about the city the high chance of coming across a neighborhood store whose staff or proprietors are knowledgeable in the extreme?) must clear the way.

I stopped in for three movies: "Napoli Milionaria" (1950), "The Return of Martin Guerre" (have to wait for the movie in a theater), and "Rich Kids" (1979).

Ubiety, first OED citation 1674. Condition in respect of place or location; local relationship; whereness.

[ PHOTO CREDIT DNAinfo/Andrea Swalec from a 2011 article:; update on March 21 tells about the closing]

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