Friday, June 22, 2012


From Melissa Clark's regular Wednesday column in the Times' food section, this week with the headline "A Fresh Fruit Tart, Perfumed With Roses":

I planted it [a rosebush] a decade ago, yearning for old-fashioned, blousy blossoms, but I never got much more than a single bouquet. 

It's an unusual word, partly because it shows up in Merriam-Webster but not in the OED. It's pronounced to rhyme with grouse-y (or mouse-y or louse-y), but looks as if it makes reference to the Blous, a place in France where neither you nor I have ever been. 

It certainly is a very good-looking word. 

In M-W it's an adjective to blouse's noun; in the OED bloused is the adjective.

What's interesting about the word is that it looks beautiful but sounds less than beautiful. 

What's most interesting about the recipe is the rose milk (for the pastry cream). I haven't tried that kind of milk yet. And if there's extra rose water, I suppose one could make Turkish delight.

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