Friday, June 29, 2012


From my copy of Norton Juster's The Dot and The Line: a romance in lower mathematics:

This is around the part where the dot, who "wondered why she had never noticed how hairy and coarse he [the disorganized if sexy -- possibly mingy? -- squiggle] was, and how untidy and graceless, and how he mispronounced his L's and picked his ear" comes to her senses.

"You are as meaningless as a melon," she said coldlv. "Undisciplined, unkempt and unaccountable, insignificant, indeterminate and inadvertent, out of shape, out of order, out of place and out of luck."

I think it's good luck, somehow, to have this 1963 typing error because her tone of voice can be heard as somewhat Russian, viz., she speaks not coldly but koldlov. Or maybe it's just my Russian roots speaking.

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