Friday, July 13, 2012


From a curator's card at Proteus Gowanus, whose gallery and reading room (and whose Writhing Society I sometimes join) is about to close for the summer. The card refers to a 1930s experiment involving frogs and a (I think it was only one) pregnant female homo sapien.

We are resurrecting knowledge of the pregnancy test and the fungus it helped to spread to bring attention to a bioassay which went wildly awry.

Bioassay . . . Scientifically terminological, but also has a bit of a flounce. Bio is the waist and assay is the billowing skirt. Dunno. This is the kind of entry I'll look at months later and think Well, it was true at the time.

The Frog Fungus Survey will be on all day tomorrow, Bastille Day, and visitors can see the card for themselves.

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