Saturday, December 1, 2012

A Brief Intermission

Around midnight yesterday, on Hudson Street, if one looked up, one would have seen bands of light coming from the West and shooting into the sky. Okay, a light exhibit of sorts, that's fine. We know, we've seen. We get it. It's a 21st century "global city" kind of thang.

But by Varick street it was clear that the bands weren't just shooting into the night sky. They were arcing and coming down somewhere beyond Manhattan. They were ROY G BIV.

It actually is a good idea, a night rainbow (if a bit gimmicky). And it was nice not knowing about it in advance.

Then, driving uptown in a cab, the Empire State was top to bottom red--lobster red. (Yes, I'm sure I could have checked Time Out to see why.) Another surprise. (Debatably I saw more surprising lights In Chicago this summer, at the Shedd aquarium.)

Tonight the Carlyle Hotel had a few rings of what looked to be blue and green lights, and this on a night when PBS Kids was showing a cartoon in which a sheep and her friends were trying to help a bear get over her fear of the dark. They did so by "building" a word for her to carry: nightlight.

© Microscopy UK / Brian Johnson

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