Friday, December 28, 2012

Finalists of 2012

Reader, the finalists of 2012 are:




Clerkly was a close contender, but clerkly looks better to me with a lowercase c than an uppercase one. It's best if the word is appealing regardless of an initial capital letter.

What do the two finalists have going for them? Horsy is a prime example of the elasticity and suggestiveness of language. Tripoly includes the word poly (as in roly-poly) and has the good fortune of being embedded in a single sentence the character count of which, including spaces, is 889. A sentence of this length is as pretty as the Empire State Building lit in Steinbergian orange.

public garden, Paris circa 1930
Copyright © AFP / Harlingue / Collection Roger-Viollet
via Catwalk Yourself

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