Monday, October 5, 2015


[from the website of Chicago's independent research library, The Newberry]

On Sunday, during an NPR radio segment about interspecies communication with dolphins, the narrator tossed up a y word so sweet, I now must tip-type back into this supposedly defunct blog. Such is life (or SIL, as friends of my youth once said).

Dolphin-y, which I wanted to hear in my mind's eye as dolphinny, was the word.  As in Phineas, or finny.

Dolphins.  Intelligent creatures who swim and click and whirr-squeak.  They queak, or queek (spellers?....).  Asks a dolphin expert, What are they thinking while going about their days and nights; and what do they and their long-term memories recall, resift, replay?

Said expert has long studied dolphins and has, with help from a tech whiz, rigged up a device that hopes to be an interspecies translator and essentially operates as an emitter and receiver of whistles.  What I wonder is how much of a difference it would make to a dolphin for the whistles to be emitted by a human being rather than by a machine.

Train, STOP (festina lente)
 (out of frame and up "the hill," Fort Lewis College )